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  • Location: Slovenia
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Salli - Attractive bra. The attractive bra Salli, made of breathable lace material, perfectly adapts to all breast shapes. With the help of wide, adjustable straps and soft cups, it allows for natural breast lift and provides comfort while wearing.. Comfortable feeling during everyday wear. The ultra-light wireless bra with soft cups will provide your breasts with full support and a natural lift. No uncomfortable squeezing and tingling.. Customizable and comfortable baskets. Soft and airy cups give your breasts a more lush look. They adapt perfectly to all breast shapes and you can remove them if you wish.. It corresponds to different body structures. A bra that contains elastin in its composition will easily adapt to your body structure. Comfortable shoulder straps and a sub-waist part, neutralize unpleasant cuts and calluses.. Wide, adjustable straps do not slip. Comfortable and wide straps provide comfort and support to your shoulders and chest. They easily adapt to your needs. They don't slip - once you adjust them, they stay that way.. Seductive lace details. Salli with its ragged, lacy edges it exudes romance. The zircon bow adorns the deep neckline and adds a touch of attractiveness while wearing..
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