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  • Model: euw-2608-911-18592
  • Quantity of boxes: 837
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 8.99€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Hoggs – Cutting chain with a handle. The pocket chain saw will cut through wood with ease, reducing the amount of time and effort needed for cutting. It can be used as emergency gear, to clear mountain bike trails, hiking, as well as everyday gardening work.. Lightweight chain saw in compact size. This chain is easily portable wherever you need it. Designed to be carried in your pocket, car's glove compartment or travel backpack and to come in your rescue in any situation.. Faster cutting speed. With eleven cutting blades, the saw can cut through the wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds. It saves you a lot of time, especially if you are carrying her on camping.. Portable chain saw with a paracord rope which will stand big weight. The saw is extremely lightweight, versatile, and flexible. The chain can be folded and it allows, you to take it just as convenient as taking a cell phone!. Cut down the trees without much effort. The flexible chain saw links create steady, yet flexible bi-directional motion, which saves you a large amount of time and effort when it comes to cutting trees down.. Long term and wide usage. Made of industrial-grade heat treated steel chain for long-lasting durability, with super-strong paracord handles and self-cleaning style cutting teeth. It is perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work, and whenever you need to cut down wood..
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