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For a boy

For a boy
For a boy
  • Model: euw-0023-912-20952
  • Quantity of boxes: 67
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 15.19€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Christmas toy set. Ensure your little ones the most joyful holidays with this colorful toy set. You will get an interactive board game, a robotic dog toy, a Christmas tree with 24 decorations, and 3 Christmas bags for packing. Materials: Non-woven fabric, polypropylene, silicon, ABS, polyester felt.. A handful of gifts for the price of one. Choose the most creative gift, that is not only going to be fun, but also useful for your little ones. Let this month be a month of gifts and fun!. For unforgettable holidays. Having these smart, interesting toys your kids will be delighted, and they will have fun all day. Enjoy together on cozy, winter days spending your time in the best possible way.. The most fun way of learning and developing skills. These toys are not just for fun, but also for learning. Interactive board game and robot dog will help children develop their coordination and logical thinking. Advent Christmas tree will enhance their imagination.. Full enjoyment while waiting for the Christmas break. Christmas advent tree will be the perfect way for kids to have fun while playing with parents. Discover a new ornament every day and enjoy together decorating the Christmas tree all month long.. For quality time away from the screen. The kids will play all day long and spend quality time with their friends away from telephone screens. These fun games will be interesting to play every day, at parties and birthdays..
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