Wooden unvarnished rectangular box with pyrography [20601324]

Wooden unvarnished rectangular box with pyrography  [20601324]

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Wooden unvarnished rectangular box with pyrography Cheap wooden unvarnished rectangular box with pyrography Pyrography with themes of plants and flowers You can use it to decoupage on the side of the box and shape it as you wish Small and beautiful box to make a cute personal gift Exterior dimensions of the box: height 5 cm, width 6 cm , length 10 cm It is made of Paulownia wood which has the following features: It is durable, It does not get torn if you nail it it is light and very absorbent it is a wood that accumulates tannins which makes it resistant to termites and woodeaters.There are many old wooden houses in Japan that have stood intact despite the passage of time and the suffering of frequent earthquakes. These houses are made of this wood. It has a very low retsine content which makes it less flammable compared to other types of timber It has very low moisture content and will not "throw away" your work after some time It also does not easily absorb moisture and thus does not deform if it is found in a basement with moisture Special wholesale prices for all decoupage boxes: for traders and professionals for folk art creators for decoupage and pyrography artisans for quantities of box and above for more information contact our company Packaging 240 pieces / box Individually packaged each piece with plastic shrinkage to protect metal parts from moisture and prevent rust
  • Brand: AGC
  • Product Code: agc-20601324
  • Quantity: 61
  • Product status: New
  • Weight per piece: 1,00 kg
  • Location: alimos, Greece
This product has a minimum quantity of 6
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