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  • Model: euw-2099-911-17149
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  • Box contains: 10 pieces
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  • Location: Slovenia
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Violetta - Tight dress. Unleash your inner fatal wife with this dress that attracts absolutely all the attention!. Be the star of every party. You will be noticed wherever you appear thanks to this piece of clothing! Shine in an attractive dress created for unforgettable moments.. The look of Hollywood divas. The smooth material hugs the body and creates a taut, firm and glamorous look in the right places. Almost all Hollywood divas wore similar models.. Nicely shaped figure. The bombastic cut of the dress will emphasize femininity by hiding possible irregularities. The waist visually looks narrower, and the décolleté more lush.. An unavoidable part of every trendsetter's wardrobe. Even the biggest trendsetters couldn't resist this dress and they like to wear it to big parties. With her in the closet you always have a safe choice for the perfect look.. It stays in place as you move. Although short, it provides perfect coverage even with dance moves. It stays in place and adapts to your movements..
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