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  • Model: euw-2555-911-18534
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  • Box contains: 10 pieces
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  • Location: Slovenia
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Truncy - Practical expandable bag. Versatile bag goes from wallet size to large travel bag! Simply expand the bag for massive storage space when you need it. Material: Oxford fabric. Multi-propose bag for travel, school, gym, or shopping. The bag is perfect for everyday use or travel. The fixed strap enables it to be placed on a suitcase easily, perfectly suitable size as a bag for training, school, or gym.. A lot of space for all necessities - both large and small. The bottom with the zipper hides the expansion function, allowing you to solve the trouble caused by too many or too few items during travel. Two inside patch pockets are enough for short trips and also can easily accommodate 3-5 days of travel clothes.. A bag that will make sure to separate the wet from the dry stuff. Waterproof material and special compartments will separate dry and clean from dirty and wet things. You no longer have to separate things by plastic bags and take up a lot of space inside the bag.. It makes everyday life easier. No more hands full of plastic bags, or traveling with a lot of luggage. This bag will make your daily life easier with its spacious capacity and will reduce the burden on your hands.. The contents inside the portable bag are protected. This bag has a high-density water-resistant material that can help you protect your stuff from getting wet. It is made of lightweight, waterproof, Oxford fabric, which is breathable, lightweight, scratch-resistant, and abrasion-resistant..
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