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  • Location: Slovenia
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TroopTex - Tactical jacket. Designed for comfort and functionality! This military tactical waterproof jacket is perfect for outdoor activities. Materials: fabric: 90.7% polyester, 9.3% spandex; lining: 100% polyester . Supreme protection from cold, wind, rain or snow. The jacket is lightweight, yet made of sturdy material which will keep you protected against harsh weather conditions.. Modern enough to wear each day. Even though it is made for trekking, hiking and moving around, the jacket looks stylish to be worn every day anywhere. Sleek design and neutral colour go great with any daily outfits.. Keep all necessities close by. Multiple pockets with zippers allow you to have all your documents and essential things with you all the time. Be ready for any situation, in nature or on the city streets.. Stay dry and feel comfortable. Underarm ventilation system with a zipper will allow you to regulate the temperature easily, no sweating. You will also be able to adjust sleeve cuffs, which will give you ease of movement.. Fully protects neck and head. The 3D brim on the hood prevents snow and wind from getting into the clothes. The hood folds, when you do not need it and can be simply adjusted with the drawstrings..
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