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  • Model: euw-2620-911-18612
  • Quantity of boxes: 827
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 4.99€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Ridery - Bicycle handlebar bag. A bicycle bag has multiple different pockets to organize belongings, food, drinks, and bike tools. Also, it has a transparent phone holder which will keep your phone safe on bumpy roads.. Easily answer the calls and clearly see the map. The handlebar bag has a waterproof touch-sensitive screen that allows you to operate the phone while riding.. Makes your rides more secure. The reflective stripes on the bag are highly visible under any weather conditions, or at night, it can effectively increase your riding safety.. Quickly reach for most needed belongings. Easy and quick access to secure side pockets for most needed belongings during the ride. Save space in your pockets by having your stuff right by the reach of your hands.. Ride comfortably without slowing down. The bag perfectly fits on the handlebars, leaving enough space for the hands. Made of lightweight materials, it will allow you light steering even when she is full of items.. Safe and dry belongings. Made of waterproofed fabrics this bike bag will keep all of the personal belongings placed inside the bag, safe and dry under any weather conditions..
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