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  • Model: euw-1788-911-14984
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  • Box contains: 10 pieces
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  • Location: Slovenia
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Ratyer - A set of five drill bits. The easiest way to drill precision holes without damaging surfaces even on the hardest metal plates in just seconds!. Precisely drilled holes - every time. Forget about inaccurate boreholes and frustrations. With this set of drills you will drill perfectly precise holes every time.. Drilling different surfaces effortlessly. Drills of exceptional strength pass through different types of materials without much effort. Get the job done faster, more efficiently and more professionally.. No destruction of materials and additional cost. With high-end drill bits, there is no destruction of drilled surfaces. Save the material you are processing by precise and clean drilling.. Achieve top results even though you are not a professional. You don’t have to be an experienced craftsman to have superior material processing results. Achieve top results with this tool even if you are picking up a drill for the first time.. Exceptional strength for long-term use. Made of steel of exceptional strength and strength, this set of drills is resistant to damage. You will use it long and successfully..
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