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  • Model: euw-3070-911-20860
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  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 4.73€
  • Location: Slovenia
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NeverSlip – Massaging bathroom mat. 2 in 1 bathroom mat prevents slippage and common accidents while giving you a soothing feet massage!. Thoroughly cleaned feet with ease. The mat has more than a thousand massage bristles that remove dead skin, thoroughly cleans soapy feet, even the area between the toes.. A true spa treatment at home. Enjoy your relaxing shower more than ever with the mat that has strong suction cups and will lock in place on every flat surface.. No more bending over to wash the feet. Clean your feet without bending over with anti-slip mat that is especially beneficial for people with hip and knee problems.. More hygienic and easier to maintain. Thanks to a large number of drainage holes, the water drains fast which prevents development of mould. After use simply rinse it out and leave to dry, stuck to the wall or some other place.. Enjoy a back massage too. Strong suction cups allow you to stick it in any position. Put it on the wall and give yourself a pleasant massage and a thorough back clean – body part you cannot reach with a regular sponge..
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