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  • Model: euw-2363-911-17917
  • Quantity of boxes: 253
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 14.99€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Hilley - hiking shoes. Conquer every mountain with these specialized hiking boots! The anti-slip model keeps your feet warm and prevents slipping, even on wet surfaces.. Designed for comfortable walking and climbing. The shoes are ergonomically designed and completely adapt to your foot. They do not create a feeling of heaviness even due to several hours of walking or hiking.. Improved finger protection. A reinforced upper in the toe area will protect your toes from sharp rocks on awkward mountain trails. It will alleviate the discomfort of climbing, walking and other outdoor activities.. Complete flexibility of feet, toes and feet. The highly customized flexibility of each part of the shoe ensures a healthy and proper way of walking. You will walk easily without effort.. Perfect foot support. Measuring feet and toes in 3D with advanced scanners has made it possible to make shoes that have a natural shape. Such a shape provides firm support to the foot.. Feel the warmth and comfort at the biggest minuses. Thanks to the firm seams and materials that retain heat, your feet will always be protected from cold, snow and drafts. You won’t need to wear three pairs of thick winter socks..
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