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For a little girl

For a little girl
For a little girl
  • Model: euw-0022-912-20950
  • Quantity of boxes: 146
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 20.83€
  • Location: Slovenia
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A collection of toys for holiday gifts. Make this Christmas for your little girls the most special with creative accessories that will accompany them through their growing-up adventure. Materials: Non-woven fabric, polypropylene, polyester, plush, felt, ABS plastic, metal, aluminum alloy. A Christmas that will be etched in memory. The affordable collection of unusual toys is ideal for a Christmas present that will surprise even Santa Claus.. Every little girl will feel like a princess. A recipe for winning the hearts of little princesses! Pack these creative toys in Christmas bags from the packaging and make unpacking more interesting.. Fun that never ends. Selected items from which you can make a gift. They are chosen to entertain your favorite little girl and nurture her talents and imagination in years to come!. Enjoy the holiday magic together. Do-it-yourself Advent Christmas tree with 24 decorations that creative little girls can decorate differently every day. Other family members can join them in this!. Toys for a happy childhood and growing up. A fun-talking hamster, a toy bath frog, a DIY Christmas tree, and a wireless microphone will be unlimited sources of fun, laughter, and education..
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