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  • Model: euw-0711-911-2708
  • Quantity of boxes: 2
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 7.36€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Practical and comfortable ultra-thin glasses ensure perfect vision at all times!. Are you having trouble reading the lowercase letters? Do you often forget, break or lose your glasses? You can always carry these ultra-thin, lightweight and comfortable glasses with you without fear of losing or breaking them.. WEAR THEM ANYWHERE YOU WANT. You can store your ultra-thin reading glasses in a cell phone case, wallet, purse, or pocket. You won't even notice that they're there, and you'll see perfectly whenever you want.. COMFORTABLE AND PRACTICAL. The glasses are thin and light, fit perfectly any shape of the nose and you won't feel wearing them and your eyesight will improve.. FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE. They are designed to be flexible and durable. TR90 ensures that you can bend your glasses without breaking or twisting them.. FOR WOMEN AND MEN. Ultra-thin reading glasses fit both women and men. They are modern, fit any nose shape and size, and thin frames provide a nice look..
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