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Catholic religion package

Catholic religion package
Catholic religion package
  • Model: euw-0027-912-20955
  • Quantity of boxes: 392
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 5.63€
  • Location: Slovenia
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One-of-a-kind set for the faithful. Be and feel closer than ever to the Lord Almighty during these holy days! Give as a gift these three precious praying objects to loved ones or to yourself. May the necklaces bring you light and help you connect even more with our Savior. Materials: wood, zinc alloy, copper. Strengthen your faith during this special season. Renew and strengthen your bond to the faith and the Lord as you pray using these necklaces. Find tranquility and appreciate this holiday season.. Ideal present for any believer. Express your affection for your loved ones with caring gift in which there are three magnificent necklaces. They are a true expression of the faith and suited as a gift those devoted to the faith.. Celebrate the holidays with dignity. Take part in the sacred act of the faith – prayer! Use these necklaces to pray every day during the holiday season and celebrate the advent of the Savior.. Strong symbolism for better spiritual connection. The necklaces are adorned with the crucifix and Virgin Mary as well as elegant crosses. These two crucial figures carry great meaning and represent spirituality and connection to the Lord.. Make the holidays extra special. Praying is a way to feel connected to the Maker and seek solace. Gift this possibility to friends or family – thanks to necklaces they will be able to deep their connection to this meaningful holiday..
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