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  • Model: euw-2127-911-17320
  • Quantity of boxes: 2
  • Product status: New
  • Box contains: 10 pieces
  • Price per piece: 7.99€
  • Location: Slovenia
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Comfortable bra Brawly. A bra that will give your breasts maximum support, without blistering or squeezing. Materials: 90% nylon, 10% elastane. Ideal support for larger breasts. Elastic, firm straps will provide the chest with the best support throughout the day.. Comfortable and soft baskets. Your breasts will be flooded with a feeling of comfort and softness. In addition, the airy baskets will allow the skin to breathe freely.. Stability at all times. Whether you are training, walking or running, stability will accompany you in every activity and your breasts will stay in place.. No tightening and notched straps. Comfortable and wide straps will provide your skin and chest with unlimited comfort. Forget the uncomfortable feeling of truncated straps.. Breathtaking cleavage. With this bra, you will shine in every piece of clothing and enchant with your gorgeous cleavage..
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