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Andry — Comfortable push-up bra. The modern Andry bra will perfectly fit all breast sizes. With wide and comfortable straps it neutralizes the uncomfortable feeling on the shoulders. Materials: Nylon 70%, spandex 30%. Stunning cleavage and supreme comfort. With the push up effect, your cleavage will look visually fuller. The reinforced cups and wide shoulder straps ensure you feel comfortable while you wear it.. Better support. This bra is made without metal wires, which will provide you extra comfort thought out the day. At the same time, the solid design provides the necessary support to your back and breasts.. Ideal for women with fuller chest. The comfortable cups and strong straps of the Andry bra will provide the comfort, stability, and support that is needed for lush breast. Feel at ease and freely do any activity.. It does not outlined on clothing or cut into the skin. A seamless push-up bra makes for a smooth and comfortable experience. Wear it day or night very with full breasts support and without causing discomfort.. Put it on in a heartbeat. Forget about trying to reach the back to hook or unhook the bra. It has four clasps in the front which take no time or effort to open or close..
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